A little Noise can go a long way!!

Have you fallen in love with a property and want that contract written up right away?  Wouldn’t it be great to know ahead of time what noise zone that property is in? 


With my knowledge of the area, and access to the JLUS/AICUZ Planning Map, we will take a look together to see where that property lies,  Learn the the difference between Noise Level Zones and Accident Potential Zones .


Noise is an unwanted sound and it is all around us, but some sound can interfere with with our day-to-day activities, such as sleeping, watching TV or conversation. Noise at airfields are known as “flight operations, which include take-offs, landings, touch-and-go operations, and maintenance activities.”  KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY!  Choose me to be your exclusive agent to represent you in your next home purchase, I KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS!  Call me today – 757.472.2600…..


ref: Joint Land Use Study/AICUZ